The Bling Ring By Nancy Jo Sales

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The Bling Ring, written by Nancy Jo Sales is a true story that uses interviews, court records and news stories to explain the events that occurred in 2008 and 2009 in Calabasas, California. The book analyzed the teens before their crime began, talked about their individual burglaries, and eventually explained how the gang of teenagers and young adults finally got caught. These upper middle class young adults and teenagers burglarized many of the Hollywood elite’s vacant homes. Some might say that they did it carelessly. These young adults felt little to no fear of being caught and would often even brag about their accomplishments to their peers. Eventually, this bragging ended up being their demise. At a social event, another partygoer…show more content…
It is very obvious the explicit differences between the Bling Ring gang and Chicago’s Black Kings. Some of the most drastic differences are the Black Kings living it the projects, Robert Taylor Homes, while the Bling Ring lived in upper class suburban homes in California. The Black Kings were well known in the area for selling crack cocaine, and the true identity of the Bling Ring members, although bragged about, was never known to law enforcement. The Black Kings were vocal about the reasoning for their actions because the members of the Black Kings did not think they were doing anything wrong.
This is where some of the more implicit differences between the Black Kings and the Bling Ring are visible. J.T.’s gang in Chicago believed in what they did was not wrong. They broke the law in order to keep the “underground economy” that supported the poor community going. Ms. Mae, J.T’s mother explained to Venkatesh about the importance of the community to everyone who is a part of it (including the gang members). She said, “We live in a community, understand? Not the projects—I hate that word. We live in a community. We need a helping hand now and then, but who doesn’t? Everyone in this building helps as much as they can. We share our food, just like I’m doing with you. My son says you’re writing about his life—well, you may want to

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