The Blizzard: A Short Story

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Finally school started from a horrible blizzard , Priscila was dashing in the halls hoping, not to see Monk , if he survived. Suddenly a crowd of eyes stared , she felt uncomfortable as if she was out of place. Was she in the same school?, She wondered. During lunch every conversation was about what happened over the week of the blizzard. She told herself “what happened?”
“OMG!! She’s so lit!” a girl yelled from across the table. She soon realized , they all knew about what happened after school before the blizzard that she ( took down Monk), that was the rumor that was going on .
She told herself , “ I wonder who saw ?, I mean not like Monk would just tell the whole school that,” “Priscilla shoved me in the locker for a week.”
Later that day she had English class with Melvin . “ Um, she whispered quietly to her classmate , “ How exactly does everyone know about what happened after school before the blizzard?” Hoping for no one to hear her.
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” She accidentally yelled, “You don't know !?, this one nerd named Melvin ,( him over there ), he told the whole school that, “Priscilla used her SONIC powers, to shove Monk STRAIGHT into the locker and SLAMMED the locker closed!! . He was there for a whole week ,during the blizzard!!” she yelled in her head , “ he's my friend !!”.
“ I can't believe that he told the WHOLE school!” She got over it , and thought to herself ,“ well ,I guess if the whole school already knows then she will be the school superhero that no teachers knew about . She went fighting other people's battles ,such as that one boy Gabriel ,at the corner of the halls, that gets shoved every time it's passing period, Monk soon saw her helping others all the time , soon realized that she was so strong , powerful ,and so inspirational
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