The Blizzard Research Paper

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That weather when you can hardly feel your body, and it isn’t because you’re about to die from a heat stroke. It’s the type of weather where you can hardly feel your face because of the dumbness running through your body. All of the wind pushing and shoving you back like a big bully as you push back to try and move through. Then comes the twirling of snow that just smacks you in the face. The lovely winter weather of Chicago, Illinois that is. Although it didn’t seem like I was affected by the blizzard very much that night, my mother was seeing that I was due around six in the morning. My arrival took hours almost 6 hours in total with some complications included, but nothing too scary. Unless you think it’s scary to suck out a baby with a…show more content…
Mercy Hospital was only a 11 minute drive from my house at the time. The only problem with that was my mother having to take the bus while a whole blizzard was going underway. In Chicago busses run from six in the morning till around one in the morning with each bus passing within 13 min intervals. My father was at work his shift was from one in the morning until around noon at that time. Surprisingly enough, she got on that very first bus feeling those awful contractions and she pushed through them. Once she arrived at the hospital she called my dad who was worried that she was alone in the hospital. My aunt arrived at the hospital 30 minutes later to accompany my mother and later my dad arrived. My father had never seen any of his other 3 daughter being born, so I was his first. The pain my mother was put through was excruciating. It was a very emotional, yet painful day. “It’s Twins!” the doctor tells my mother and father. It was a very unexpected moment. They pull my little sister out first, the doctor looks down and tells my parents that she was dead. Her little skin gave off this burnt look all around. The doctors never explained what exactly happened to her, my mother certainly didn’t look like she was having twins. It hardly seemed as if she was having one baby for that matter. My father was cried as he held my little sister and my mother didn’t have…show more content…
My parents were poor, very poor when I was born. My baby sister was never buried or cremated she was just disposed of by the doctors. My mother never went on as far to give me the details, and I don’t like to ask her since it makes her cry. I have cried many times for my hair myself, although I never got to meet her I always imagined her looking down on me and I would hope that she is proud of me seeing that she’s my age, even though I may disappoint her often times. My mother fell into postpartum depression and my father wasn’t very helpful their relationship has always been traumatic and domestically violence to this day. I wasn’t a very big baby when I was born, but I looked like a baby boy later I began to look girly around the age of three. I was the most spoiled one out of my elder sisters, and I was very kind hearted. I cried over everything and anything. Don’t let my nice smile fool you I was always a daddy’s princess and I always got what I wanted. I didn’t know the word “No” that was foreign to me. Which I will admit wasn’t too good for me. However, I was really nice person all around I would wave to everyone and introduce myself to everyone I would
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