The Blocker Burn Unit At The University Of Texas Medical Branch ( Utmb )

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Introduction The Blocker Burn Unit is a six bed Burn Intensive Care Unit located at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston. It has a long and storied history of providing innovative burn care to its patients. The Burn unit was initially founded after a massive explosion in Texas City Harbor that injured hundreds of people in 1944. Since inception, the unit has dealt with disaster both fabricated and natural. In 2008, the BBU was one of only a handful of services to remain open and operational after Hurricane Ike landed and dealt massive injury to UTMB. The BBU not only sustained operations but also briefly expanded to provide pediatric burn care when Shriners Burns Hospital was subsequently unable to reopen post hurricane. This paper will detail the realities confronted by the BBU both currently, and in the future, with an exploration as to those implications on fiscal outlook and provision of care.

Current Realities of the Blocker Burn Unit (BBU)
Burn Care Hospitals The American Burn Association (ABA) is the accrediting body for burn centers in the United States. Currently the number of ABA verified centers listed is 64. Other ABA verified center sin Texas include the Hermann Memorial Burn Unit in Houston, the Parkland Burn Unit in Dallas, the San Antonio Burn unit at Brook Army Medical, University Hospital in Lubbock and of course the Blocker Burn Unit and its sister hospital Shriner Burns Hospital for Children in Galveston. ABA verification…

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