The Blood Test For Diabetes Essay

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Their idea is to simplify the blood test for diabetes. Diabetes is on a rise in India, to address the concern of doctor’s availability and their time, cost incurred to individual for the test and consultation. AINA- Simple easy to use mobile diagnostic mobile platform for chronic disease was introduced by Michal Depa and Sidhant Jena.

AINA, a device that turns a smartphone into a blood analyzer. Using a drop of blood from a finger prick, this device can run five tests, including the HbA1C, which is used to diagnose diabetes and is usually done in a lab using blood drawn from a vein.

This product is not only for educated people who have complete access to doctor but to reach the under-diagnosed poor, the device is available with android and IOS app for smartphones that can be used by doctors, clinics and government hospitals.

The test reports from the patient are aggregated in one place for doctor evaluation, wherein in very less time doctor can reach to thousands, also the application can continuously remind patient with doctor advice on living life style like exercising, diet and much more. This serves one of the major challenge of doctor-patient ratio.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that can’t be solved with a single technical solution, like a vaccine for infectious diseases. Type 2 diabetes is dangerous silent that will slowly-slowly affects people over time. This requires multi-pronged effort: Early detection and better diagnostics to
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