The Blood Type And Anti Rh Serums

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Abstract The goal of this experiment is to determine the blood types of the samples given and to learn what interactions occurred to each blood type. Determining an individual’s blood type and how it reacts with Anti A, Anti-B, and Anti Rh serums played a crucial part in this experiment. The researcher concluded that agglutination (clumping) occurred in some of the blood samples. For example, Mr. Smith’s blood reacted with Anti-A and Anti-Rh serums (antibodies) allowing the researcher to determine the blood type is A. Mr. Jones’s blood reacted with Anti-B serum but it did not react to Anti-A or Anti Rh allowing the researcher to believe that the blood type is B. Mr. Green’s blood reacted with all serums and caused a reaction to occur resulting the blood type to be AB positive. Mr. Green’s blood also had a positive marker for Rh factor. However, Ms. Brown’s blood had no reaction at all and the researcher determined if no reaction occurred then the sample had no antigens but proved to have some antibodies, resulting in blood type to be O. The purpose of this experiment is to determine whose blood has type A, B, AB, or O. 3. Introduction The general charactertics of blood are color, composition, and pH. The composition of blood is determined by collecting blood from a person then it’s placed in a centrifuge which shows plasma is 55% of whole blood and 45 % is erythrocytes. Another name for red blood cells is erythrocytes which are small sacs of blood that carry oxygen and
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