The Bloody Root Of Titus Andronicus

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The Bloody Root of Titus Andronicus: An Argument of Intent and Origin
There are have been many arguments throughout the history of Shakespearean academia regarding the validity of Shakespeare’s authorship to Titus Andronicus, and the critics have not been shy to express their discontent of its seemingly endless violent montage. As Michael Fentiman and Harold Fuller point out of what Dr. Samuel Johnson spoke to in 1765,
“all the editors and critics agree in supposing this play spurious…for the colour of style is wholly different from that of the other plays, the barbarity of the spectacles and the general massacre which are here exhibited can scarcely be tolerable…That Shakespeare wrote any part…I see no reason in believing” (Fentiman). …show more content…

Virtually, all the central characters killed each other off in a downward spiral of luscious revenge (Shakespeare). It is striking in its contrast to the likes of Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet or Macbeth to where Shakespeare dove deep into the emotions and psyche of human life (RedEyesTakeWarning). Violence and death were not foreign concepts to the people of the Elizabethan era, as medieval life was chocked full of war, famine, and plague. In the case of entertainment, violence and death were no strangers as people would flock to see bear baiting, including Queen Elizabeth. (Mabillard).
Allistair Brown claims that we take entertainment out of simulated violence because it is cathartic (Brown). Brown also argues that, “Violence becomes comic because laughter, denying the reality or seriousness of whatever threatens, is a way of dealing with trauma” (Brown). With the world being consumed with death at every doorstep, what is so far-fetched at the notion that Titus Andronicus is an extremely dark comedy to help a broken soul cope with the grim reality of medieval life? As there is almost nothing else for society to take away as a benefit from the play (RedEyesTakeWarning), what else could it be? There are already plenty of examples in literature that deliver morals and lessons learned from seeking revenge. Why

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