The Bloody Sunday Massacre in 1905

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Architectural buildings around the world make up one factor of the beauty and culture of each country. The Winter Palace is an incredibly beautiful architectural building in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Winter Palace consists of great importance politically, culturally, and symbolically in the city’s third century. In 1708, the Winter Palace was first built as a wooden house with a Dutch style to be the Imperial residence of Peter the Great and his family. In 1711, the wood was replaced by a stone building. However, in 1731 Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli was assigned to reconstruct the palace into a much larger and newer design. The third reconstruction of the palace was completed in the year of 1735. Nevertheless, it only lasted 17 years before Rastrelli was asked again to expand the building even more. Two years later, he decided to completely rebuild the Winter Palace after the confirmation of the empress. ( Ratrelli’s designs for the exterior were in a Baroque style, which have remained the same till this day. ( The Winter Palace takes over the Palace Square and the south embankment of the Neva River. ( In the center of the palace square, an erection of Alexander on a column is found. The erection of Alexander was erected to honor the Russian victory over Napoleon in the 1812-1814 war.( The Winter Palace consists of an imperial eagle on the gate. ( This column
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