The Bloody Truth Of Cinderella. “There Is Nothing More

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The Bloody Truth of Cinderella
“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than an unapologetic women being herself: comfortable in her own perfect imperfection. To me that is the true essence of beauty”-Steve Maraboli. In an ideal society every women should believe that she is beautiful in her own unique way. However, the media portrays a women of unattainable standards. The media industry presents to the public their idealized perfect women who in essence is fake and unrealistic In addition, to the majority of the male population women are a mere object hence the term “trophy wife”. However, this notion, is not a new but rather the underlying message of the age-old fairy tale, “Cinderella”. The story of “Cinderella” illustrates these
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This complex of feminity is seen in the story of “Cinderella”. Regardless of the version “Cinderella” main plot is based on sexist ideals, whether it be in “Cinderella” by Perrault, “Vasilisa the Beautiful” by Afanas’ev, or “Cinderella” by the Grimm Brothers. According to all these tales the female in the story is weak and powerless, she cannot be the heroine but rather requires a hero. However, Cinderella’s cowardice actions are not only expected but in a sense make Cinderella more charming too the readers.
Furthermore, the “Cinderella” stories distort a person’s perception of love and reality and promotes objectification. The unrealistic romance and bliss allows young girls to fantasize about a reality that will never be. “Cinderella” introduces an unrealistic romance as well as unnatural beauty. Many critics have made satiric remarks in regards to “Cinderella” including Anne Sexton. Anne Sexton, in her satire of the Grimm Brothers’ “Cinderella”, uses irony to show the impractical ideals of the classic tale: “Cinderella and her prince lives, they say, happily ever after, like two dolls in a museum case never bothered by diapers or dust never arguing…… (Sexton 281). Sexton exposes that a fairy tales “happily ever after” is highly improbable and nearly impossible. Nonetheless, “Cinderella” relays the message to its readers that love at first sight is valid and that any and every women will get her prince charming without any trouble because finding true love
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