The Blossoms Garden Center ( Bgc )

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1: Introduction Since World War II, gardening industry grows quite rapidly with significant impact on the way people entertainment and changes people’s lives. Although the Blossoms Garden Center (BGC) has developed with a strong reputation for the quality and range of its plant and its knowledgeable staff, it still faced problems during the developing process, which could cause negative effects in itself such as lack of competitiveness and loss market shares (PMM, 2015). Specifically, in line with market changes, the business generated revenue has sharply decreased from £4.23million in 2013 to £3.87million in 2014 (PMM, 2015). This case study aims to identify those problems of Blossoms Garden Center. It critically examines a number of strategies could be used efficiently and effectively in BGC. Finally, it will evaluate those strategies that appear to yield the best results. 2: Problems for BGC During the developing process, a number of problems in BGC increasing broadly such as customer service quality, managing operation, internal relationship and finance. Specifically, managing external relationship is a significant problem for the company. According to Casledine (2015), customers are the heart of any organization and its activities. For Blossoms Garden Center, customers are dissatisfied with less experienced staff who are unable to provide the related professional knowledge about products (PMM, 2015). Another risk of Blossoms is competitive priority which is included

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