The Blossoms Garden Centre Of The Uk After World War II

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1. Introduction
Gardening has been regarded as a prevalent feature for better and healthier life in the UK after World War II. The Blossoms Garden Centre (BGC) was established in Glasgow in the mid 1960’s as a small family-based company with good reputation, which focused on producing extensive supplies of garden plants, tools, and chemicals (PMM, 2016). However, in order to remain its competitiveness, Blossoms has expanded their industry and developed three operating divisions, such as sales, cafeteria and the Hire Branch (Ibid, 2016). This has led to certain management problems, namely, customers’ service, internal relationship management, competitive priorities and declining profits. This essay aims to identify problems of the BGC and propose solutions that are associated with management of the business. Firstly, it will demonstrate situations and problems related to poor customer services and reduced profits. Secondly, this essay will put forward strategies to develop the company. Finally, it will evaluate methods to Blossoms that had done and recommends suitable solutions.

2. Situation of Blossoms Garden Centre
According to the Blossoms’ case scenario (PMM, 2016), there are around 1000 garden centres in the UK of which around 300 belongs to chains. For the remaining self-owned shops, Blossoms expanded their industry and invested in visitor attractions to become a leisure destination for all family. Therefore, in order to meet the urgent demand of increasing staff and…

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