The Blue Horse By Arun Kolatkar

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Jejuri is a collection of poems written by Arun Kolatkar which discuss different aspects of Indian culture, religion, custom and history. The collection of poems span the course of one day, in which our narrator embarks on a pilgrimage to the town of Jejuri to seek religious understanding. Although small, the town is deeply rooted in Hindu religion and is the location of several well-known temples and the god, Khandoba. The poem I chose to analyze is found on pages 40-41, and is titled “The Blue Horse”. This poem as a snapshot into a moment at an event the priest is holding, where a toothless singer is singing about the story of Khandoba. Despite the many fascinating aspects of this poem, I will be analyzing the structure of the poem, the…show more content…
A theme that is very present in “The Blue Horse” as well as may of the other poems written by Kolatkar in his collection, Jejuri, is the mixing of the natural and the mechanical through the vocabulary used and the violent undertones it causes. The first quote is seen on page 40 in the description of the toothless singer, in his description the narrator states that the singer, “Shorts the circuits in her haywire throat. A shower of sparks flies off her half burnt tongue” (Kolatkar 40). This quote uses mechanical imagery to describe the singers voice, one that through his description, does not seem to be very good. The use of “haywire” implies that the voice is out of control and the notes are not consistent. Also, the reference to the notes coming of her tongue like a “shower of sparks” gives a violent imagery to something that is natural and usually perceived as beautiful and melodic, rather than a shower of something that could potentially hurt the audience. Another use of mechanical language is seen in the next stanza when the narrator describes the drummer’s “pockmarked half brother [who] twiddles, tweaks and twangs on the one string thing” (40).

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