The Blue Hotel

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Within a letter written to a friend Stephen Crane once wrote “ I always want to be unmistakeable”. (Greenfield 564) Crane wanted his short stories and poems to be read and understood by all men. Despite criticism Crane enjoyed writing, and later wrote to another friend “ my chiefest desire was to write plainly and unmistakeably so that all men (and some women) might read and understand” (Greenfield 562) Crane was a modern writer “He rejected both the theism and humanism of the nineteenth century”. (Canfield 391) Although Crane was not concerned with style or literary art, he became well known for his use of imagery. Crane became a notable success and was befriended and admired by some of the most important literary figures of his time,…show more content…
While covering the war in Cuba as a journalist, Crane was aboard a ship that sank. He was stranded and left adrift at sea for thirty hours with three other men. The men rowed back to shore in a small life raft, but unfortunately, one of the men did not survive. Crane later wrote about his experience in one of his greatest short stories, “The Open Boat”. “Crane highlights the beauty and terror of the sea in “The Open Boat” and memorializes the complex nature of the ordeal”. (Pierce 161) Crane was unable to return to New York because of his scandalous relationship. Never very healthy, Crane began to weaken in 1898 as a result of malaria. He lived well above his means, became debt ridden, and wrote letters to his friend about his money problems. After selling “The Blue Hotel” Crane wrote to his agent stating: “ Your payment from Harper’s knocked a comfortable hole in them (debts) but I must have about $1200 more. . . . I have big matters to attend to this month”. (Pierce 161) Pierce also states that Crane did not die from malaria or tuberculosis but “of the cause most common among American middle class males- anxiety about money”. (Pierce 161) Crane became exhausted and overworked and died before the age of twenty nine on June 5, 1900.
Crane's uses the literary element of conflict to gain the interest of his readers. Within the short story “The Blue Hotel”, the conflict within the short story is continuous
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