The Blue Planet

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Marine, the word gives us the meaning of produced by the sea. Marinus is the Latin name of marine from which it is originated. A habitat is a place where communities of organisms live, in such a way that one habitat is recognizably the same for that type but equally recognizably different from another type, like forest differs from pasture, which differs from savannah, which differs from tundra. About 70% of our planet is covered with water. Earth has been nicknamed “the blue planet” because it looks blue from space. About 96% of this water is marine, or salt water, made up of the oceans covering the Earth. Within these oceans, there are many different types of habitat, or environments in which plants and animals live, ranging from freezing polar ice to tropical coral reefs. These habitats all come with their unique challenges and are inhabited by a wide variety of organisms. Millions of different marine habitats are found till date in the deepest parts of the oceans. [1]
In recent years quite a lot of confusion has been propagated about biodiversity and habitats, to the extent that we now firmly believe that we must protect every possible habitat in order to protect biodiversity. But this is not true. Biodiversity and habitats live purely in human minds, and not out there in nature where one encounters only communities. Every community (or habitat as we believe) is made up of species that are also members of other communities (habitats). For instance, a tube worm normally…

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