The Blue Ringed Octopuss

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It also has a scientific name Hapalochlaena Lunulata. In Latin that means, “Soft skinned thing with little moons”. This octopus belongs to the phylum Mollusca, class Cephalopoda, genus Hapalochlaena, family Octopodidae, kingdom Animalia and order Octopoda. With at least 50,000 living species, the phylum Mollusca is one the most diverse groups of animals. This octopus is in a class that also includes squid, cuttlefish and nautilus. The blue ringed octopus is normally a light brown to dark yellow color but the color changes to glowing yellow-brown with shimmering blue rings when it’s disturbed. It has eight powerful tentacles that can grow to about 10cm long and that encircle the head. They only weigh up to 28 grams and their body gets to 5cm, being the size of a golf ball. They have well established eyes with an image forming lens and large retina but their vision is known to only be black and white. Being soft bodied the only hard part of the octopus is the beak. Their brain is centered about their oesophagus and is shaped like a donut. These octopuses have poison glands that discharge two different types of poison; one they use for catching food, which is the more mild type, and then there’s the type they use for defense, the more poisonous type. The Blue ringed octopus can move several different ways. One way is by drawing water into a cavity in its body, and then dismissing the jet of…

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