The Blue Spider Project: Case Study

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Major Constraints The Blue Spider Project was a very troublesome and chaotic endeavor that caused much grief and trouble for the people at Parks. Gary, the manager of this program received much of the blame for many of the projects shortcomings. The shortcomings experienced by Gary and the rest of the employees at Parks, were dictated by the constraints of the project. The projects main constraint was the need to develop a means to improve the Blue Spider Missile's functionality up to 145 degrees F. This was why Parks was chosen by Lord, Park's customer and the Army's main contractor for this project. A new design had to be made. According to the report " The Blue Spider Project was an attempt to improve the structural capabilities of the Spartan Missile, a short-range tactical missile used by the Army. The Spartan Missile was exhibiting fatigue failure after six years in the field. This was three years less than what the original design specifications called for. The Army wanted new materials that could result in a longer life for the Spartan Missile." The original contract given by Lord was for ten months at a negotiated $2.2 million firm fixed price. This time constraint of ten months was the most pressing constraint as it dictated the frame work in which all other tasks must be completed under. The main problem with the Blue Spider Project was that the constraints were constantly changing. Gary would make a mistake of one kind or another which would cause a reaction

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