The Blue Spider Project

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7.1.1 Group Assignment 1 Due date: 20 /05/2012

Complete the assignment below after reading attentively through the case study The Blue Spider Project (which appears after the assignment questions):

After the final testing and the programme report were completed, Henry Gable decided to look back with introspection and identified a number of challenges along the “Blue Spider Project” life-cycle which were not clear but in need of solutions (for example: project manager qualification; authority of a project manager; functional employees of the customer and contractor communication set-up; project management system). He realised that Parks Corporation (PC) was in need of professional help if it wanted to face future
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With the poor job market for engineers, Gary and his colleagues began taking coursework toward master of business administration (MBA) degrees in case the job market deteriorated further.

In 1999, with the upturn in DoD spending, Parks had to change its corporate strategy. Parks had spent the last seven years bidding on the production phase of large programmes. Now, however, with the new evaluation criteria set forth for contract awards, those companies winning the R&D and qualification phases had a definite edge on being awarded the production contract. The production contract was where the big profits could be found. In keeping with this new strategy, Parks began to beef up its R&D engineering staff. By 2006, Parks had increased in size to 2 700 employees. The increase was mostly in engineering. Experienced R&D personnel were difficult to find for the salaries that Parks was offering. Parks was, however, able to lure some employees away from the competitors, but relied mostly upon the younger, inexperienced engineers fresh out of college. In 2007, Parks relocated its head office from Atlanta to Johannesburg (the Atlanta office remained as a branch among other branches in the World). With the adoption of this corporate strategy, Parks Corporation administered a new wage and salary programme that included job upgrading. Gary was promoted to senior scientist, responsible for all R&D

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