The Blue Spider case study

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The Blue Spider Project
Case Study Questions
Question 1. If you were Gary Anderson, would you have accepted this position after the director stated that this project would be his baby all the way?
Answer: Yes, I will because this is a good chance to help me raise my current position. Before I apply for this position, I got MBA degrees before 1995. I have been a production engineer last several years and prepared to be a project manager.
Question 2. Do engineers with MBA degrees aspire to high positions in management?
Answer: Yes. High position managers will required more human skills than technical skills. MBA course is training managers’ leadership skills, teamwork skills, and conflict resolution skills which are very important
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Did Gary understand production operations?
Answer: He understands some production operations but not enough. Although he came from a technical engineer which means he knew the processes. However, he could not make a schedule and control the production operations well and cause some problems.
Question 14. Are functional employees authorized to make project decisions?
Answer: No, normally they cannot. Functional employees should listen to their leaders or managers. However, they could advice their manager or if leaders have been authorization them to do that.
Question 15. On R&D projects, should profits be booked periodically or at project termination?
Answer: It should been done after project. The reason is normally managers got the data after R&D projects before they make the decision of profit. The profit was not certain before and during R&D projects.
Question 16. Should a project manager ever censor bad news?
Answer: No, they should not. Bad news will affect employees and they cannot focus on their job. Project managers should control what kind of information their team members head for project office.
Question 17. Could the above-mentioned problems have been resolved if there had been a singular methodology for project management in place?
Answer: Probably not. This is a large project and singular methodology is not enough to solve all the issues. Project manager have to deal with different type of problem and they probably should

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