The Blue Wall Of Silence

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In 2012, thirteen U.S. police officers fired a total of 137 bullets into a Chevy Malibu; the motorists inside were unarmed. Police brutality is a heavily debated topic, in the United States, its existence is the issue. There has been countless accusations of excessive force, also known as police brutality, throughout the years. Excessive force is the unjustified use of force to detain, control, and assault of any individual. Due to the Blue wall of Silence, insufficient training, unequal application of law, police culture, and the decrease of gun ownership, police brutality is on the rise. The blue wall of silence is the biggest issue for anyone prosecuting or getting prosecuted. The blue wall of silence, is a unwritten code within the…show more content…
Hence, prosecuting officers usually yields little to no results. Through history it has been shown countless time, the results of poor preparation is the ultimate demise of the people. In 1999, four non-uniformed, New York City Police officers approached a suspect whom they believed was the suspect of a reported rapist. The man was no other than Amadou Diallo, a West African immigrant. The confrontation occurred in low visibility conditions, meaning at night, as Diallo “retreated into the vestibule and reached for an object in his pocket. Believing that Diallo was pulling out a weapon, one officer shouted, ‘Gun!’ and the four officers began to shoot into the vestibule. One officer tripped, and believing their fellow officer had been shot, the other officers emptied 41 bullets into the vestibule, nineteen of which hit Diallo, killing him” (Gerdes, 2004). The direct result of poorly trained police was the death of a foreign national. In this encounter, the officers made poor decisions. The first mistake was approaching a suspect without proper identification. Since it was stated that they were not in uniforms, it can be assumed these officers were either off duty, or did not properly wear their identification tags. In such situations, being a foreign immigrant, even if Diallo reached for a weapon it would have been justified
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