The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison Essay

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House is a Continuation of a Family
When one thinks of the word house, a place of comfort, love, and support comes to mind. Meanwhile, society tends to forget that initially home is a house: a constructed place of living that has all the materialistic essentials to survive in it; but is not a home because it has no feeling of love, safety or serenity within it. These two words, “home” and “house” seem so similar, but are very different in their meanings. In The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, houses and homes are depicted very neatly and compared with one another, as the residents of those. Even though everything origins around Breedloves’ family and shown through their lives, almost all of the characters are preoccupied with defining their social class status in Midwestern society during the Great Depression. There is an evident desire to escape poverty and the limiting circumstances of the time and their social classes; represented through houses and physical space characters in. In addition to the social and economical influences, houses in the novel also symbolize the emotional situations and values of the characters who inhabit them. At the time, owning a house says something about one 's income and social class status, especially for African Americans, which are coming out of the age of slavery. However, the pressure from the environment creates emotional situations that hard to overcome and cuts all accomplished efforts to none. Followed by the mental state characters’
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