The Bluest Eye

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Abstract Toni Morrison is a truly extraordinary woman. She is the first African-American woman writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993. She is considered as one of the greatest modern female writers to exert a major influence on African American literature. Especially, she has created black female characters through a unique writing style and various symbols in her novels. Through Morrison’s works, she describes black women in America have been victimized by race, gender and class. They are ignored by not only white men, but also their own husband or same race. The Bluest eye (1970) is the one of the most outstanding novels to express inferiority complex of black women about the standard of beauty made by white and destructive effect of losing their identity in Black community. This paper is going to analyze two female…show more content…
Henly takes a similar view with Patricia Sharpe. He argued his point in Reader-Response Theory as Antidote to Controversy: Teaching “The Bluest Eye”. He stated that “threat of censorship poses one of the most hair-raising problems for any high-school English teacher, because the more controversial (and, therefore, more likely to be censored) a work is, the more able its teacher must be to justify it in terms of its importance to a student's education” (14). The problem in The Bluest eye, as Carolyn P. Henly supposed, was too many violent sexual figures and these images could imprint indelibly and negatively on students, especially teenagers. In addition, he warned all teachers “Teachers, ask yourselves if you are fully prepared to deal with these issues (which may become sticky ones) before beginning the exploration of The Bluest Eye.” Thus, Toni Morrison had received negative review when she published The Bluest Eye because of realistic description of the dismal black society. However, this novel received very high reception ever since its publication. Elizabeth Becker referred to it in “The Bluest Eye: A Call to

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