The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

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In the novel “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison, the audience is provided with different interactions between white and black characters that gives the interpretation of whiteness as the standard of beauty, which distorts the lives of black characters through messages everywhere that whiteness is superior and equal to cleanliness. The theme of white superiority is portrayed through the lives and stories told by the characters Pecola, Claudia, and Pauline. Through the struggles these characters have endured with the internalized idea of white beauty, Morrison shows how the interactions between whites and blacks affect the characters in this book and how that has an effect on race in America. The protagonist of the novel Pecola Breedlove has to encounter the oppressive standard of beauty. The dominant cultures standard of beauty did not allow black girls to feel as though their dark skin color was beautiful, but instead they had to be white in order to be considered beautiful. Pecola experiences racial shame, resulting from the oppressive standard of beauty. She desires to be released from the restraints her black race has placed on her and her feeling of ugliness due to her skin color. Pecola believes that being granted with blue eyes would change how others see her and how she sees herself. She believes that blue eyes would make her fit into the white culture. Morrison explains, “It had occurred to Pecola some time ago that if her eyes, those eyes that held the pictures, and

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