The Board Of Directors ( Bod ) At International Information Technology

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Problem Statement
The Board of Directors (BOD) at International Information Technology (I.T.) University realized the pressing need of improvement of classrooms. Being an I.T. University, a dire need was felt to modernize the classrooms from traditional to more technological. It was therefore proposed to convert the classrooms from the old conventional infrastructure to a futuristic smart classroom model. The idea was to design state of the art model, where classrooms not only transform into active learning centers, but also are designed on environmentally sensitive ideas, so that little energy is consumed and natural resources are conserved to the maximum. Various engineering genius will therefore be needed to bring this idea to life.
The term Ubiquitous Computing was used at Xerox PARC, according to which in the future there will exist ubiquitous computer devices that will be interconnected and used for day to day operations, without anyone even noticing their presence as something alien just like electricity (Weiser, 1993). Ubiquitous computing also referred to as UBICOM has gained enough popularity and various projects have been designed around it. It was assumed that these futuristic class rooms well help facilitate more students, by increasing space and allowing for conference calling, active learning, and ergonomic facilities thereby engaging more and more students in the sessions. This new mode of futuristic classrooms would also largely change the method of…
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