The Board Of Directors Meeting

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The November 2, 2015 SCCAP Board of Directors Meeting was called to order by Board President Gail Hyde
Members present: Eliza Carey, G. Hyde, B. Pankoski, L. Feitl, D. Poteet, Shelli Yoder, Bert Clemons, Wally Deford, T. Bock, Kathryn Byrd, Bethany Penrod
Members not present: K. Conway, D. Reito – All Excused
Staff present: T. Lare, L. Curry, K. Scales, D. Wilson, J. Vargo, S. Edwards

The November 2, 2015 SCCAP Board of Director’s Meeting was called to order by Board President Gail Hyde at 6:01 p.m. Laurie-Ann Curry, E.A.A. conducted a verbal roll call. Board members in attendance are listed above; a quorum was present.

Minutes from the August 18, 2015 & August 5, 2015 Board Meetings were reviewed. Liz Feitl moved the minutes be accepted, Diane Poteet seconded, there were no objections, no abstentions, the motion passed unanimously.


Planning & Evaluation Committee: Beth Pankoski, Chair

The Policy Council Minutes, Press Updates, & an Out of State Travel Report thank you note were briefly reviewed; no board action was required.

Out of State Travel Request –

Anna Donley, Family & Parent Community Engagement Specialist, is requesting permission to attend the National Head Start Association Parent Conference and Family Engagement Institute in San Diego, California November 30, 2015 through December 4, 2015 (Attachment #4). The conference focus is parent engagement. Anna is extremely interested in the…
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