The Board Of Directors Of Easter Seals North Ga Inc.

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The Committee is established with the approval and resolution of the Board of Directors of Easter Seals North GA, Inc. The “ERISA Committee” is established for the effective monitoring of 401 (k) retirement plans and hiring the service providers such as registered investment advisor or insurance company to fulfill the fiduciary obligations applicable under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.


The Fiduciary Investment Committee shall consist of the following members:
(1) CEO/ President
(2) CFO
(3) Human Resource Director
(4) Compliance Director

Administration of Employee Retirement Benefit Plan

1. Fiduciary Investment Committee members shall be appointed by the, Board of Directors of
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Prudently select investment options, fees and rates
C .Hiring plan service provider and investment managers with professional knowledge
d. Periodically review the Plan’s documents and investment performance, in consultation with hired investment advisor. If required, Committee will recommend and adopt investment option, fees, and rate changes.
e. Provide Plan participant investment education and communication through hired Investment consultant or managers 3. The Fiduciary Committee shall follow all the requirements set forth in the Investment Policy statement (the “Investment Policies”) of the Plan.

4. The Fiduciary Committee shall meet quarterly and at any time the Fiduciary Committee is required to act pursuant to the Investment Policies.

5. The Fiduciary Committee shall provide information to Service Providers to assist the Service Providers in preparing all necessary documents.

6. The Fiduciary Committee shall be accorded the resources and authority appropriate to discharge its responsibilities, including the authority to consult counsel to the Plan and other experts or consultants at the expense of the Plan. The Committee will take part in applicable opportunities for continuing education in matters relating to investments and the Committee’s responsibilities.

7. This Charter may be amended by action of a majority of the members of the Fiduciary Committee at a meeting or by the Plan Sponsor; providing that, if amended by the
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