The Board Of Directors - Purpose

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1.1 - Purpose

The Board of Directors will be made in place of the Honorary Council to provide an actual constructive benefit to SANews rather than just being title that grants guaranteed high command positions. The Board of Directors will be a privilege and positions are only to be given to SANews reporters that have shown not only a great amount of dedication to the faction but has also played a major role in the faction and left a great impact.

The Board of Directors will serve as an advisory board to the faction on matters that are brought directly to the Board. The reason for why this could benefit SANews is because sometimes the new administration and low command are not well versed with SANews past which could then in turn lead to attempts at replicating previous failed systems or hiring a former member whose permanent denial reason is unknown.

The Board can also assist in expanding upon current systems along with making hard decisions that is being feuded about between two Directors.

1.2 - History

The concept of the Board of Directors was first introduced in August 2012, after Director of Security Dominic Bianchi, Director of Entertainment Xavier Phantom and Acting Chief Executive Officer Vanille A Ross convinced Department of Game Affairs not to disband SANews due to events that occurred at the time with the previous Chief Executive Officer.

The Board of Directors was proposed due to the lack of stability the faction was experiencing at the time. Vanille A…
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