The Board Of Indian Commissioners

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On April 10th, 1869, the United States Congress established the Board of Indian Commissioners. This establishment authorized the President of the United States to organize a board of ten or less people to oversee all aspects of Native American policy. The Board of Indian Commissioners was a committee that advised the United States federal government on Native American policy. The committee also had the purpose to inspect the supplies that were delivered to Indian reservations to ensure that the government fulfilled the treaty obligations to tribes. President Ulysses S. Grant wanted to come up with a new policy, which would be more humane, for Native American tribes. The policy would be known as the Peace Policy, which aimed to be free of political corruption. The Peace Policy was prominent on Native American reservations, where Christian Churches and the Office of Indian Affairs, would provide Native Americans with moral Indian agents who would establish churches and schools, teach agriculture. Therefore, creating the sense of “civilizing” and/or “Americanizing.” Within the Board of Indian Commissioners, annual reports were commenced. One of these reports, The Seventeenth Annual Report of the Board of Indian Commissioners of 1885, is an extremely contradictory document, which attempts to dismantle traditions, treat Native Americans in an inhumane manner, and regress any progress the United States government had with Native Americans. The committee of 1885, headed by
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