The Boarding House By James Joyce

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It was once said, by an unknown author, “A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the social ideology despite moral conflicts and common civility.” This is a very relevant statement that could be used to describe both, “Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin and “The Boarding House” by James Joyce. “Desiree’s Baby” was a sad tale in which social opinion forced a young, naïve woman, Desiree, into a dark place of self-hatred thanks to her husband Armand and his imperious and estranged behavior. Weeks after giving birth to a beautiful son and what Desiree thought was a blessing, Armand began to become very distant and after numerous unexpected visitors his behavior seemed injudicious. Those unexpected visits brought more than a surprise to the new parents, but also side-glances, whispers and something much more sinister; discrimination. Likewise, “The Boarding House” by James Joyce, tells the tale of an emotionally damaged mother who runs a boarding house for young men, where her young promiscuous daughter, Polly, works and begins having an affair with one of the house’s occupants. In this story the mother, Mrs. Mooney, doesn’t do the moral thing and handle the affair discreetly, and instead allows the social expectations of that time period add pressure to the affair. Once the right amount of pressure was applied, she pops the expanding bubble of suspicion by forcing a, usually love filled, decision of marriage on the involved young man, Mr. Doran, just to satisfy
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