The Boat That Rocked Essay

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While the act of deviance isn’t naturally inherent,through social context and interaction society’s reaction to the act itself interprets deviant acts. In order to show how behaviours of individuals are transformed into deviant acts sociological theories from those of Merton and Miller will be applied to through the stimulus ‘The Boat That Rocked’.A film exploring themes of periodical deviance and ambivalence between the traditionalist styled government and a subculture group under the name of ‘Radio Pirates’. Furthermore theories such as Merton’s strain theory,the 5 types of adaptation and Miller Walter’s subculture theory ( cultural relativism ) aid to explain deviance within a social context.

The stressor of the British government in ‘The Boat That Rocked’ enforces a traditionalist approach to it’s inhabitants,characterized by an orientation to that past rather than the future. While one in today's modern would find it difficult to comprehend a world where pop and rock is considered beyond the norm. The Boat That Rocked explores the idea of strain by a powerful source such as the government, through Merton’s theory of Strain theory provides an explanation as to why individuals engage ‘deviant’ activities.The American sociologist addressed that societal norms and socially accepted goals place pressure on the
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Under this theory ‘The Boat That Rocked’ exhibits the value of smartness, that Miller believed that the ability to outsmart one another is valued amongst those of lower class. The pirate DJ’s exhibit this value by their attempts to outsmart the government by finding a legal loophole to broadcast pop and rock on a 24/7 broadcast station. In addition to this Miller firmly deduced that a mix of focal concerns such as smartness,toughness,excitement & trouble can potentially result in a culture accepting crime and deviance as normal. Supporting the process that what is defined as deviance is molded
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