The Bob Ross Painting Method

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Bob Ross and his happy little friends have introduced millions of PBS viewers to the world of art. Bob may be gone but his gentle legacy of painting technique continues to charm and instruct. Not only are there books and DVDs available, but a full line of Bob Ross painting supplies are sold on-line and in select venues. There are also over 3000 certified Bob Ross instructors nationwide and internationally. How Does He Do That? The Bob Ross painting method is the wet-in-wet technique. Artists have used this method for hundreds of years, and for the oil painter is the fastest method to use. The Bob Ross oil paints are specially formulated to meet the consistencies he prefers in the various colors on his palette. He also has a…show more content…
This results in the edges remaining crisp while the bulk of the mountain takes on a misty, grayed appearance, due to the blending of the background paint into the dark of the mountain paint. Evergreen Trees Just as with clouds, Bob uses the fan brush to paint evergreen trees. The paint is heavily loaded onto a fan brush. Using the edge lay a very fine vertical line to represent the treetop. Use the corner to dab tiny bits of paint to represent the uppermost branches of the tree on the sides of the vertical line. As the artist progresses down the trunk, he applies more pressure and uses more of the edge of the brush. Use a choppy, erratic motion to emulate the uneven, jagged shapes of the evergreen. The underlying layer of paint will blend with the tree color as the brush runs out of paint. Add more as necessary, but do not try to keep all the branches the same color. This is representational, and not meant to be graphically correct. It is the essence of the tree and there is no need to go for authenticity. Wildlife In the Ross method of painting wildlife, preparation is different from painting landscapes. The canvas is thinly coated with grey gesso and allowed to dry thoroughly. Draw or transfer the subject to the canvas using graphite carbon paper. Rather than using the wet in wet technique, this painting starts with an underpainting of the animal using grey, black and white acrylic paint. The student proceeds with oils

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