The Body And The Soul

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The human person is made up of two components the body and the soul. I believe that the relationship between the body and the soul are united as one. The human person resides in both the body and the soul equally. A philosopher who believes in the theory of the body and soul together, creating the human person is Aristotle. There are two elements of the soul, ration and irrational. The rational element is composed of the theoretical reason and practical reason. The irrational element is compose of vegetative, appetites, and desires. The body and soul interrelate by the soul acting as a container for the body, therefore together their body and soul become the entire human person. An analogy to compart the relationship of the body and soul…show more content…
A philosopher who agrees with the theory of the will or free will is St. Augustine. St. Augustine expressed free will in his argument on the free choice of the will, but also expressed in his theory on how that will is formed. St. Augustine describes the free will and choice we have in regards to choosing to know and love god, as well as seeking the will for happiness in your life. So it matters not only that we have free will but also how we use our free will. “A good will is a will in which we seek to live a good and upright life and to attain perfect wisdom (Abel, 128).” Some people believe that we are automatically taught to know and love God, but what matters is if those individuals seek after and want to know and love God. All human beings desire to be happy it is still questionable though as to why some people choose not to live a happy life and would rather live an unhappy life. “For those who are happy are not happy simply because they willed to live the happy life, as bad men do this too, but because they wished to live upright lives, which bad men are unwilling to do (Abel, 129).” If one wants to be happy, one must make God the highest good. “Now no one is secure in the possession of goods which can be lost against his will. But no one loses truth or wisdom against his will, for he cannot be separated from them
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