The Body, By Jeanette Winterson Essay

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Jeanette Winterson’s novel, Written on the Body, is rich with clichés and the problems they pose. Although clichés are unoriginal, Winterson uses them in her novel and uses language in a more uncommon, more original way. For the narrator in the book however, has to struggle with the limiting language there is for love and language and happiness. As Brian Finney’s idea contends, “the language and images she employs serve to undercut the clichéd situation, to place it within a wider moral frame that depends intertextually on references … and employs them to rejuvenate the jaded language of love” (Finney 26). Here Winterson recognizes the trouble with clichés and tries to go past that by referencing vastly different sciences and analogies and even the Bible. All of this is an attempt to point out that clichés are unoriginal and lead to unhappiness, and in the case of this book, through love and marriage.
Winterson is huge on the cliché of marriage. Marriage has become the cliché that once you and your partner say ‘I do’ then you’ll both live happily ever after. It has become such a huge milestone that it is viewed at as an accomplishment of life. The rings and the marriage itself are a way to show off wealth and happiness, and now a day, social media has become the new means off showing off the couple’s happiness. This performance is how it is reinforced in our culture that marriage with Mr. or Miss Right will lead to happiness. This is not always the case however. The
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