The Body By Jeanette Winterson Gifts Essay

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Gender is the state of being male or female. The word is used to describe, but gender does not define who a person is, or what they believe. Written on the Body, written by Jeanette Winterson gifts an example of a protagonist who 's name is unknown, who’s origins are unknown, and who’s gender is unknown, but even without all this needless exposition, which as little effect not the story, we are able to learn and enjoy the trials of our main character, and learn who they are without the need of knowing their gender. To achieve this Winterson uses writing techniques like Point-of-view, stream of consciousness, and conflicting character traits in order to create a world where one does not need to know the gender or name of the protagonist in order to relate to them or pursue a continued interested in their lives. Written on the Body’s protagonist is genderless and nameless. Winterson strategically places the novel in the first person point-of-view to achieve such a feat and continues this on throughout the story. This point-of-view also makes the protagonist the narrator allowing access to their thoughts, dreams, aspirations, and secrets. This “Backstage pass” into the protagonist mind lets us know who the character is without the completely clear glass that a third person point-of-view would give or the personal bias of a second person point-of-view. This makes it so that finding the protagonist’s gender difficult as a person does not constantly feel the need to remind
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