The Body Development And Composition Of Men And Women Essay

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From the beginning of time, men and women have competed against one another over many aspects of life. By this, I mean intellectual differences, work ethic, and how each gender is suppose to behave in society. The examples above cannot be, in any way, biased towards any particular gender; meaning when it comes to education, work ethic, and social roles, men and women are completely equal and should be treated as such. However, when referring to the physiological differences between the body development and composition of men versus women, the two genders simply do not match up on the same level. The cliché phrase: “boys are stronger than girls” has come to be associated with sexism and a means of disrespect towards women. Given this statement, there are implications giving it some merit. Over the course of evolution, it is well known that men were the hunters, leaders, and warriors, whereas, women were typically the gatherers of fruits and vegetation resources. Also, women are the nurtures, and the household caregivers who raised the children, a striking difference between the two sexes. In today’s society, the gender roles are becoming less constricting in terms of profession and lifestyle, with physical strength playing no real role in the relations to success and power. Though, when discussing the differences in physical performance between the genders, men still have numerous factors that give them the advantage, such as biological development, psychological

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