The Body Framework Is The Cardiovascular System

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The second body framework is the cardiovascular system which contains the blood, heart, and vessels. The cardiovascular system heart pumps blood through veins, blood conveys oxygen and supplements to cells and carbon dioxide and waste far from cells. It manages body temperatures and water substance of body fluids and blood. This system contains of the heart, veins, and arteries. The heart is somewhat little and lays on the diaphragm which rests on the mediastinum and is located in the thoracic cavity. The mediastinum reaches out from the sternum to the vertebral column. From the first rib to the diaphragm and sits between the lungs. The heart has an apex which is the pointed end of a cone shaped structure, and a base which is the posterior…show more content…
Located between the parietal and visceral layer is the pericardial fluid, this is emissions of pericardial cells that helps reduce friction between layers as the heart moves and thumps. The heart has three layers; the epicardium (made up of two tissue layers the visceral layer and serous pericardium layer). This layer of the heart is made out of mesothelium which is a thin transparent layer that is a delicate fibroblastic tissue and adipose tissue. This adipose tissue starts to get thickest over ventricular surfaces where the hearts coronary and cardiac vessels are found. The center layer of the heart is the myocardium (this layer is in charge of the pumping activity of the heart and is made out of cardiovascular muscle). The myocardium consists of ninety-five percent of the hearts wall, which consists of muscle fibers. The cells in the myocardium layer are muscle strands. The cardiovascular muscle fibers structure bundles and whirl slantingly around the heart which is in charge of the heart 's pumping activity. The internal layer of the heart is the endocardium (this is a flimsy layer of endothelium tissue overlying a thin layer of connective tissue). This layer gives a smooth coating layer to the chamber of the heart and spreads the valves of the heart. This smooth layer lessens friction as blood moves all through the heart. The endothelium and endocardium have large veins that connect to the heart. The heart is four chambers; two
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