The Body Image Of A Woman

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Julianna Porter D’Angelo English 12 16 October 2015 Pushing to Be Thin Among the many predicaments women face, dissatisfaction with one 's body is one most women would agree upon. An estimating 91% of women have been, or are currently unhappy with their bodies. In the early 1900’s, the ideal body image of a woman shifted from thick with muscle to a thin frame with almost no curves. Women began to exercise and diet to enhance the human body. The new ideal body image that was promoted in society began leading to excessive thinness and eating disorders affecting individuals today. One type of eating disorder that’s significantly influenced by society 's ideal body image for females is Anorexia Nervosa. ( Dissatisfaction with bodies). Anorexia Nervosa is a dangerous eating disorder that consists of self starvation and excessive weight loss. Although approximately 95% of the people who suffer from anorexia are females between the ages 15- 20, this life threatening illness does affect males as well (Anorexia Nervosa). While the average U.S. child watches roughly about 15-20 hours of television a week, the individuals are bombarded with around 30,000 television commercials a year. With that being said, about 23% of the images observed are women who would be classified as under- weight. The viewing of these commercials and programs are unconsciously and consciously impacting young adult 's. According to Bridget Engels and others,
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