The, Body Language, And Observed Behaviors Around Campus

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Although I have known Shamari for a few years, we have not had a lot of conversations about each other’s lives nor have we spent time with each other outside of the school setting. The information that I am about to describe is based off conversation, body language, and observed behaviors around campus. Shamari Logan is a twenty-year-old college student, who currently lives at home. I believe that her family lives in an apartment in the city of Saint Louis, Missouri. Miss Logan is currently single, and has never been married. Her family’s ideological perspective is democrats. Her social economic status is Middle-Class. Shamari drives, and early 2000 model car, that have less than 200,000 miles on it, that she received in high school. Shamari loves 90’s R&B music, and hip-hop. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. The stores that she shops at include PINK by Victoria Secret and Forever 21.
Shamari did experience developmental milestones through infancy and childhood, which is based off her stories, given in class. However, Miss Logan does have some self-esteem issues, she is quiet around big crowds, and only speaks in class if she is sure about her answer, or is called on. I based her self-esteem from her behaviors in class, and around campus. When Shamari was younger, she received positive reinforcement, and punishments, when it came to disciplining behaviors. Her behavior was corrected this way because it is the typical way, that
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