The Body Shop

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Introduction There is success in body care. Behold the Body Shop, one of the famous international cosmetics brand. It is not just one’s ordinary shop for body or hair care. It is extraordinary just as its pioneer. The entrepreneur assessed in this paper is in no way or another connected to me. Personal Profile
The name behind the Body Shop, a famous cosmetic line for decades now, is Anita Roddick. On October 23, 1942 in Littlehampton, Sussex, England marks her birth to an immigrant Italian family. After completing her degree at the Newton Park College of education, she worked as a part-time teacher and for the United Nations in Geneva. She traveled to different places like Tahiti, New Hebrides, New Caledonia,
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She risked selling alternative body care products. Nevertheless, she dealt with it with optimism. In order to face success, it is of crucial importance to think of the ways by which the business model will thrive in the marketplace. Another is to assess the strengths and opportunities of the business. Lastly, it is always important to innovate, as this has always described entrepreneurs (Baghai, Coley, and White, 2000). Innovations are proven to increase the business’ performance. During Christmas last year, upon launching a new product, i.e. a strong Christmas gift range, and improving customer services, operating profits from the division boosted to 17% to ₤11.7 million (Geary, 2005). This is a recent event in the innovation strategies of Body Shop. Schumpeter (1939), as cited in Mintrom, Schneider and Teske (1995), asserts that an entrepreneur functions to innovate, which means devising new production function out of the existing factors of production. In simpler terms, an entrepreneur is one who introduces a new product or a product that deviates from the ordinary. Such is the basic idea or definition of an entrepreneur from which its modern definitions have developed. Apart from the above, there is something about the packaging of the Body Shop products. Roddick started with small bottles since that was what she was complaining on. According to Kassaye and
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