The Body Shop International Plc

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After the boom of the third industry and the foundation of WTO, companies are now facing more severe competitions than ever before, not only domestically but also internationally. Therefore, figuring out how can we survive the competition and stand out from the others have been put ahead of the schedule of plenty of enterprises. While many others are scrambling for marketing their invariable products—paying more attention to propaganda, packaging price strategies etc. some other have found it more crucial to be innovative. But that is not enough, to achieve greater success, one must combine proper management and adequate entrepreneurial part, and this technique has later evolved into the term “entrepreneurial management”. In this essay, I will mainly talk about how companies using the “entrepreneurial management” make themselves distinguished from the others and what value they create through this strategy by studying the case: The Body Shop International Plc. First of all, I will give a brief introduction to the background of The Body Shop International Plc. Then the essay will go further into the definition of the Entrepreneurial Management Model, which is introduced to people by Dr. David Rae (2007), and how The Body Shop explains the concept of the model by illustrating the management strategies the company uses and the entrepreneurial skills it adopts respectively.

The Body Shop is a well-known British beauty and skin care brand, founded in 1976 in Brighton, England,

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