The Body Shop Marketing Essay

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1) Anita Roddick created the body shop in 1976 with the objective of opening an environmentally conscious cosmetic store. Today, the Body Shop (BS) has grown from being a single “hippie” store in England to a multinational company with over 2265 stores in 50 countries enjoying sales of £820,000 in 2006/2007 period. (mintel 2006) People say that “one person cannot make a difference” but Anita Roddick proved it wrong by sticking to here ideals and ideas of doing business. This extract from the Body Shop’s mission statement ‘to dedicate our business to the pursuit of social and environmental change’ (, shows us how she created a new way of dealing with customer needs and wants. She saw it as a better option to put…show more content…
But critiques say that the “Trade not Aid” projects are simply a marketing tool and that not even 1% of the sales go to the projects. ( Promotion The BS way of advertising has mostly been done through indirect advertising. Indeed, by associating themselves to Greenpeace or the save the whales project or by doing fare trade with indigenous communities for example, journals, newspapers and magazines have written about the company’s products, campaigns and beliefs without the company actually carrying out or spending any money into promotion campaigns. The BS believes that beauty is reality and strongly disagrees on the advertising campaigns trying to glamorise their products – ‘We 're saying our products will moisturize, cleanse and polish; they will not perform miracles.’ (Mrs Galanti, 1997). This was stated in 1997 after the release of a rare mainstream campaign called “Love your body” due to increased competition in the marketplace. The Body Shop also makes extensive use of its web site, delivery lorries and shop windows to communicate its campaigns and beliefs. Packaging is also a way of promoting a product. By showing consumers that the BS is involved in recycling plastic bottles used in the packaging of a product for example, it positions itself furthermore in the customers mind as being an environmentally caring organisation. It also tried to push consumers to use refills but the impact of this campaign was minimal.
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