The Body Shop Product Of Business Move Structure

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Table 1. Move structure of advertorials No Name of Brand Kind of Business Move Structure 1. L’Oreal Product Establishing Credentials (2) Motivating Prospective Customers (1) Giving Pre-pressure Tactics (1) Giving Pressure Tactics (1) Soliciting Response (1) 2. Ponds Product Giving Pressure Tactics (1) Describing Business (1) Establishing Credentials (2) Describing the Product (1) Claiming for Advantages (1) Soliciting Response (1) 3. Revlon Product Giving Pressure Tactics (1) Introducing the Product (1) Introducing the Preferred Product (1) Giving Pressure Tactics (1) 4. The Body Shop Product Describing Mission (1) Identifying Advertorial Developer (1) 5. Mustika Ratu Biocell Product Backgrounding Information (1) Provoking Customers (1) Describing Business (1) Establishing Credentials (1) Giving Pressure Tactics (1) 6. Sariayu Martha Tilaar Product Backgrounding the Business (1) Describing the Event (1) Establishing Credentials (5) Describing Moral & Cultural Obligation (1) 7. ImpressionsBody Care Centre Service Describing the Business (1) Establishing Credentials (1) Detailing Services (1) Soliciting Response (1) 8. Aluna Home Spa Service Establishing Credentials (1) Describing the Business (1) Giving Pressure Tactics (1) Soliciting Response (1) On the other hand, Mustika Ratu Biocell perceives the old age problems as a natural phenomenon that should be accepted no matter whether we are happy or upset about it (suka tidak suka..). They even invite their customers to stop

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