The Body Shop: a Global Industry Analysis

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Body Shop International, which is traded in the London Stock Exchange as BOS and more commonly known as The Body Shop, is founded by Anita Perella Roddick. During the 1970s, when Anita and her now-husband Gordon Roddick were visiting San Francisco, they came across this particular store on Berkeley, which was selling different skin care products. This store, which was called "The Body Shop" and was founded by two locals, was also publicly promoting their fight against certain environmental concerns, even offering price cuts to customers that will bring their own bottles instead of purchasing new ones. The original store where Anita and Gordon Roddick got their idea is still continuing business in the Bay Area, but under a different…show more content…
Through this, the Company has gained the support and loyalty of several generations of customers. Up until today, they continue with their desire to educate the people and move forward with their campaigns for changes in the society and the environment. Consumers and Market Segments of the Company The Body Shop has successfully created a niche market, which is composed of more socially aware and environmentally conscious consumers that are out in the market looking for new and innovative products. Major Products and Services of the Company Since the conceptualization of The Body Shop, their products have been centered on skin, hair, and body care, which are made from natural and exotic ingredients, that will also address social and environmental issues. They have unveiled a number of ground-breaking products that are in line with the brand's position, all the while enhancing their customer's well-being and increasing their self-esteem, without falling into the stereotypical images that The Body Shop has also been campaigning against. They have initiated and supported certain product launches, such as their new Hair Care range, Invent Your Scent, and Spa Wisdom. They have reinvented and redesigned their displays, signage, and stores in order to improve worldwide shopping

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