The Body Theory And Its Strength And Weaknesses

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Am I the same person today as I was yesterday? Will I be the same person a few years from now as I am now? Kagan explains a few theories that can help with figuring out what makes me, me. There is the soul theory, the body theory, and the personality theory. The body theory consists of the brain and body theory and the torso and body theory. After looking into each theory carefully through Kagan’s lectures, I found that there were flaws in all three theories. The theory that I favor, however, is the body theory and more specifically the brain aspect of that theory. In my essay I will discuss why I favor the body theory and its strength and weaknesses. I will also discuss Kagan’s take on survival. To start with, the body theory is not mysterious like the soul theory. If I believed in souls, and favored the soul theory, how could I prove that I did not get a new soul every five hours or three days? I would not be able to. The body theory means having the same body. This also means having most of your same body. For example, in Star Wars when Luke Skywalker got his hand cut off, he still had most of his body; therefore, he is the same person. Now there are some problems with this theory as Kagan points out. The problem is resurrection. There is no current proof of a body being resurrected from the ground, but there is a possibility of bodily resurrection that cannot be denied. The issue with bodily resurrection is that it draws the question, is the resurrected body really
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