The Body and Stand by Me

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After reading the novella The Body and watching the movie Stand by Me, it is very hard for me to extract specific values from either one of them since they both make emphasis on the same values; friendship, the losing of the main characters innocence, their transition to maturity from their childhood, the sharing of their fears and so many other valuable experiences are relatively the same in the movie as in the novella. However, I was able to appreciate the different areas where the author Stephen King made emphasis on, but were somewhat vanished in the film adaptation of the book.

In the novella we are given the story of four boys who leave their town on a quest to find the corpse of Ray Brower, a kid who was about their same age. In
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The movie pictures the brothers as closed loving brothers and with Denny’s dead brought sadness to Gordie’s parents and Gordie himself, which is not true in the book.

The stories are profoundly different from start to finish but they deliver the same values of friendship, courage and trust but their illustration and delivery change throughout the movie and book, but did not make either one of the pieces less entertaining educational nor

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