The Body as a Site for Enquiry in Art and Fashion

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The body as a site for enquiry in art and fashion Introduction Dressing defines the outward arrangement of materials and objects in the body of human beings. Dressing does not only include clothing but also other accessories, makeup and hairstyle. Dressing is an important feature to humankind. Over the ages dressing has evolved to various designs and styles to meet the desires of man and trends. The basic reason for dressing/clothing is protection and warmth, although dressing functions to communicate our identities and cultures. Apart from the basic need of clothing, other purposes of dressing are beauty, modesty, ritual purposes and style. Dressing makes us look attractive and confident over a period. Cultural practices and beliefs define what a society view as modesty in dressing. Some cultures' dressing does not require covering of the whole body and still people view it as a modest way of dressing. Other cultures view modes as covering most of the body parts when dressing. Dressing also specifies rituals and ceremony to express the outward meaning of the ceremony. Most people in societies today view dressing as a form of expressing a sense of fashion. Fashion is a way in which a certain accepted form of dressing transforms to meet the requirements of people, environment and trend. Fashion can be an art but art cannot be fashion. An individual can express his art in fashion, but an artist cannot do so. There is, however, a big connection between art and fashion.
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