The Body 's Internal Conversations

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Guided imagery is a method for entering the body’s internal conversations, along with other altered states of consciousness-based techniques (i.e. hypnotherapy, meditation, biofeedback). While in the altered state, one is able to consciously intervene in the body’s biochemical interactions. Guided imagery is based on the concept that your body and mind are connected. Using all of your senses, your body seems to respond as though what you are imagining is real. Studies done at George Washington Medical Center showed that the immune system can directly affect one’s state of mind, as well as vice versa. In fact, the body can’t distinguish between a vivid mental experience and an actual physical experience! Let’s do an experiment: Imagine a lemon being sliced in half. You may get a sense of the juices spurting out and the tangy citrus scent wafting into your nostrils as you bring half the lemon up to your mouth and begin to suck. Most people will immediately start salivating even though it’s just a mental image. The body simply follows the instructions being given by the mind. Narration #7 Same as above on first part. Extended script for experiment: Imagine that you are given a beautiful bright yellow lemon and that you are placing it on the table in front of you. Using a gleaming sharp knife, you slice into that lemon, releasing a spray of the fresh juice. The pleasant citrus scent reaches your nostrils, smelling clean and bright and fresh. As you bring
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