“The Boeing Company: Moonshine Shop”

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Analysis on “The Boeing Company: Moonshine Shop” Summary: In this report, I reflect upon the challenges that an established firm such as Boeing faces in doing innovative activities, and how it tackles them. As the world’s leading aerospace company, Boeing was one of the largest US exporters in terms of sales, with revenues in excess of $50billion. The rising success of competitor Airbus meant that Boeing was fighting to stay on top. It wasn 't enough for the company to merely cut costs. Bringing innovation to its business processes was the key to survival. It had to streamline processes while improving quality, becoming nimble while responding quickly…show more content…
Louis. "Sometimes it 's an all-out sprint; sometimes it 's a marathon. But the goal has to be to positively affect the bottom line." The implementation of Lean tactics across Boeing isn 't merely a cost-cutting strategy, say company practitioners, but a philosophy of growth. And it 's one that requires a seismic culture shift away from the old ways of designing and manufacturing products, executing business processes — and of managing and developing people. The Moonshine Shop The purpose of The Moonshine Shop was ‘to be creative, to solve problems, be creative with solutions’. The best people from all functions were selected to form a team that had to discover new ways to decrease cost and time required to build Boeing jetliners. The obstacles it faced were that it did not receive the respect/trust from other employees. They were given a mission without directions on how to move forward. They couldn’t see how to make money as they were given so much waste and material. But during the downsize of Boeing, Moonshine took over and stimulated revenue growth and market response. Below is an example of one of the innovations that Moonshine made that changed the history and future of Boeing - Hay Loader on the assembly line- plant engineers struggled immensely with a time-consuming bottleneck in the 757 assembly line: the lifting of the plane’s heavy seats up to its doorway

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