The Boko Haram Group On The Nigerian Economy

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In recent times, Nigeria has attracted significant global attention as a result of the on going Boko Haram terrorism actions. With Nigeria being one of the most populous country in West Africa there is bound to be religious and political tensions which in turn breeds political violence. The Boko Haram group is the first insurgent group in Nigeria to be classified as a terrorist organisation by the United States of America and it Allies (Akpan, F et al: 2014). From their radical emergence in 2009 up till date, the country has suffered vulnerability to terror, criminality and instability, starting in 2010 with a retaliation attack for the death of their leader Mohammed Yusuf. The sect further intensified their activities in 2011 with the bombing of the Police headquarters in Abuja the capital city and the UN headquarters also in Abuja. All these attacks left a lot dead and a whole lot more of people injured and displaced. This dissertation investigates the effects of the Boko haram group on the Nigerian economy and how this in turn has brought about a domino effect of instability in the country. In this study, the use of mainly library research shall be used to trace the sequence of Boko Haram crisis faced by the State.

What exactly is terrorism? This word has been so incorporated into our daily lives, with the media every day reporting on act of “terrorism” or the other. Terrorism is often labelled as acts of violence that is against the society,
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