The Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela

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The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is the northernmost country in South America. Even though its location makes it a tropical region, this country posses a variety of climates going from warm at the Caribbean islands to alpine and humid at the mountains of Los Andes. This paper discovers the different tourist areas of Venezuela. The purpose of this research is to demonstrate the variety of climates, lands and regions that make this country the perfect tourist destination. First, we will cover some of the history and economy of Venezuela, as well as its location in the map and the oceans and countries that border it. Then, the climate and topography of the country are going to be explained in detail. Finally, we are going to explore the…show more content…
This exceptional geographical location makes easier the communication and fluid air and maritime transportation for people and Venezuelan products.
The language spoken is Spanish, but since they had a lot of immigration from Europeans, Arabs and Asians during the World War II, there still remain some other languages.

“The famous explorer Christopher Columbus landed in what is now Venezuela in 1498 on his third voyage to the New World. It was his first landing on the mainland of the Americas.” McCoy, J. L. (2015). Christopher Columbus arrived to The Gulf of Paria, in the far east of the land that today is known as Venezuela. Before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, many native tribes habited the territory. The main indigenous group was the Caribes, who occupied the Eastern, the Central coast and the islands; the Arahuacos, who occupied the West; and the Timotocuicas, in the region of the Andes. Just one year after, in 1499, Amerigo Vespucci sailed from the Gulf of Paria to the Lake of Maracaibo, and there he observed the “palafitos” (stilt houses), where the indigenous habited, and this made him remember the Italian city of Venice. “They named the area Venezuela, which is Spanish for Little Venice. The name Venezuela was later applied to a large area of northern South America. Spain ruled Venezuela for about 300 years. Venezuela declared its independence in
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