The Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela

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The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is the northernmost country in South America. Even though its location makes it a tropical region, this country posses a variety of climates going from warm at the Caribbean islands to alpine and humid at the mountains of Los Andes. This paper discovers the different tourist areas of Venezuela. The purpose of this research is to demonstrate the variety of climates, lands and regions that make this country the perfect tourist destination. First, we will cover some of the history and economy of Venezuela, as well as its location in the map and the oceans and countries that border it. Then, the climate and topography of the country are going to be explained in detail. Finally, we are going to explore the most relevant tourist places of Venezuela. Tourism in Venezuela is a growing industry, supported by the wide sort of natural environments that the country has. Indeed, this paper is going to show how The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela should be considered a perfect tourist destination.

Venezuela is located in the northern part of South America. The great coasts of the country are surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; also it is close to the Panama Canal that gives exit to the Pacific Ocean. The nation is bordered on the north by the Caribbean Sea; on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and the Republic of Guyana; Brazil on the south; and on the southwest and the west by Colombia.
Venezuela is situated in the…

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