The Bolshevik Invention Of Class

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C.Jones 20th Century Russia Fitzpatrick July 2015 In Sheila Fitzpatrick’s essay, The Bolshevik Invention of Class: Marxist Theory and the Making of “Class Consciousness” in Soviet Society, she discusses the Bolsheviks view and struggle with class. It seems as though the thesis for this paper is stated right away, when the author notes that “…the Bolsheviks, cherishing an imagined class community yet inheriting a shattered and fragmented class structure in Russia after the revolution, found themselves obliged to invent classes on the basis of Marxist theory... in that most obvious and yet least expected place, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.” (Suny 172) The first section of Fitzpatrick’s essay discusses how Marxism was such an important part to creating classes during the Bolsheviks rule in the beginning of the 20th Century. She notes that this western belief system was popular with Russian intellectuals, especially on revolutionary left. (173) However, around the 1890’s industrialization was starting to catch up with the Marxist dreams, and the first soviets were founded in Moscow and Petersburg in 1905 helped bring down the tsarist regime in February 1917 (Suny 173). First soviets created in 1905 in Moscow and Petersburg, helped bring down the tsarist regime in February 1917 (Suny 173) However, immediately after the takedown of this regime, people turned against Marxism, and destroyed the class structure that was created as part of the revolution’s political
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